“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”

– Napoleon Hill


I was born in the city of Manila, Philippines, and moved to Houston in 2004. Raised by my  mother, I saw her uproot our family’s lives to create a better future for ourselves and pursue the American Dream. Being a first generation migrant and college student in my family has taught me the value of hardwork and determination. 

Upon graduating high school, I took a different route than most and was in the workforce immediately after high school. For the next four years, I worked in customer service based jobs and in the restaurant industry, up until I was fortunate enough to join Bridgestone Retail Operations and Firestone Complete Auto Care in 2015.

Working in a competitive sales enviornment drove me to find my passion in sales. After working for Firestone Complete Auto Care for two years as a Service Advisor and Manager of Tire Sales, it motivated me to go back to school to pursue my college education.

I went back to school in 2017 and went to Lonestar Community College at the Montgomery campus. After one year, I earned my Associates Degree and transferred to the University of Houston at the C.T. Bauer College of Business.

 In my first semester at Bauer, I took MARK 3337, which is a Professional Selling course and fell in love with the curriculum. During my time in class, I was introduced to the Stephen Stagner Program For Excellence in Selling, and it drove me to apply in the program. A few weeks later, I was fortunate enough to be inducted the following semester.

Today, I am a Junior at the University of Houston, and a Sales Student Professional at the PES Program. A new chapter begins in my life, and I look forward to see where my sales career will go from here as I am receiving 200+ hours of live sales training from the nation’s leading sales program. 


I am a driven, analytical self-starter who is currently seeking a career in B2B Sales, either in the Technology industry or Oil & Gas Industry. With two years sales experience working at Bridgestone Retail Operations, I have gained experience working in B2C and B2B enviornments and have thrived in both settings. My mission is to graduate from the University of Houston with a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing, as well as alighning my skills and expertise with the Tech or Oil & Gas Industries. My values with customer-centric selling, integrity, and honesty are what drives me to have a career in sales. 


• Receiving over 200+ hours of live sales training. From advanced selling strategies, to customer relationship management, and personal branding
• Learning technical knowledge and usage of Salesforce CRM Software
• Participate in the PES Open Golf Tournament and PES Career Fair sales competition

• Ensuring order accuracy in customer orders before dispatching for delivery.
• Deliver food from store location to customer’s desired location in a timely manner.
• Keep store location ready for revenue via food prep and washed dishes for the next shift of team members.

• Managed overall tire sales produced by store to accommodate sales goals held by upper management.
• Assured surpassing individual, and team quotas for tire sales, and customer service survey grades.
• Planned and executed local store advertising campaigns for upcoming tire and service specials and discounts.
• Communicated with commercial vendors regarding tire and part availability for open tickets.
• Assured proper tire inventory and ordered various tire units from corporate and commercial vendors.

• Succeeded in surpassing individual quotas in service sales, customer surveys, and credit card applications. Sales quotas were sellling $40,000 per month in service and tire sales. 
• Guided customers throughout the entire sales process from courtesy checks, vehicle work, and checkout.
• Communicated with mid and upper management over current work in progress for vehicle repairs and tire services.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Marketing

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Dean’s List in Spring 2017 and 2018

Cumulative GPA: 3.57


The University of Houston’s Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) is the nation’s leading sales program. The program professionally develops its students with real world sales experience, as well as advanced sales training. Such training includes:

– Advanced Professional Selling

– Customer Relationship Management

– Personal Branding

– Sales Management

– Digital Sales

– Key Accounts Management

– Selling For Social Impact

– Selling Financial Services

Such training has given me over 200+ hours of live sales training, from sales prospecting, to advanced professional selling, cold calling, Salesforce CRM Training,  Personal Branding and Sales Pipeline Management.

I Joined Firestone Complete Autocare and Bridgestone Retail Operations in January 2015. After 7 months as a service advisor, I was promoted to Manager of Tire Sales. I was tasked with the overall tire sales for the store location and managed sales and technical performance of a team of eight automotive technicians and four service advisors.

The overall success of fellow service advisors and general technicians contributed to the bottomline of the store location and its district. My methods and strategies for having a successful store were exceptional customer service, growth of business to business relationships, and finishing tire replacements in a timely manner.

With a stellar team, we surpassed service sales and tire sales quotas for 20 consecutive months. I was a top 1% perfomer in my district (Consisted of 20+ stores) and was a top 10% performer for my region (Consisted of 300+ stores)

As a student at the University of Houston at the C.T. Bauer College of Business, marketing courses and its curriculum include:

– How to conduct market research

– How to analyze buyers

– How to price goods and services

– How to sell

– How to advertise and promote

– How to develop a marketing plan.

Such courses in the Business Marketing program also includes:

– International Business Marketing

– Search Engine Marketing

– Professional Selling

– Marketing Strategy & Planning

– Internet Marketing

– Marketing Research

As a marketing major, I also partake and am an enthusiast with search engine optimization. The process of ranking content via Google and Youtube interests me. There are many factors that make search engines like Google and Youtube recognize content. From on-page and off-page optimization, to social signals, quality of traffic, and site backlinks. The art of SEO can make businesses and startups drive targeted web traffic to their offers, and by proxy, increase sales and brand awareness.


  • Webhost Warriors (Webhosting Reviews)
  • Rise Marketer (Marketing Software Reviews)

I was able to rank Youtube videos for competitive search terms for webhosting and marketing softwares



Customer Service

Customer Relations

Sales Prospecting

Cold Calling

B2B Sales

Pipeline Management

Salesforce CRM

WordPress CMS

Shopify CRM

Google Business Suite

Microsoft Suite

Adobe Photoshop  

Adobe Premiere Pro

Google SEO 

Youtube SEO 

Campaign Management

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Paid Search Advertising

Video Marketing


Bridgestone TEX/LA Regional Store Contest Winner for Summer of 2015

Bridgestone Top 21 Sales Associate of April 2016, May 2016, for Texas/Louisiana Region (Consisted of 1400 sales staff)

PES Top Producer. Exceeded quota of $800 by 918%. Ranked #1 in a class of 63 sales students, and #26 in all-time sales

PES 1st Place Team. Placed #1 out of 17 sales teams during the first semester sales competition within the program 

PES Champion of The Week (#1 in sales, leads, and activities during the 4th week of selling)


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